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House of Panther is a collection of 8,888 NFTs – digital collectibles flowing on the Solana blockchain. If you’re part of the crew of Sacred Jaguar Preservation lots of blessings will come. More benefits will be unlocked as we slowly venture into the Jaguars World with $BALAM God.


The Panthers came from a cosmopolitan city, where they lived a luxurious lifestyle, and always enjoyed the best their city offered in culture, food and fashion. They experience life without fear of missing out because they always had everything they wanted. The Panthers city was a nexus for vanity and after many generations of lavish and superficial living, the panthers had lost their connection to nature.

When the first hybrid panther humans came around, the panthers never worried, they were physically and socially superior to the hybrids in every way. Soon more and more hybrids came, and with their growing numbers, the hybrids became emboldened, attacking the panthers and their families, stealing their clothes, their jewels and their homes – eventually pushing the Panthers to the outskirts of their city.

The panthers knew they needed to reconnect with lost ancient wisdom, they gathered the elders who still knew how to invoke their forgotten jaguar god during a full moon ceremony.  That night under the blood red full moon, the panthers gathered together for a ceremony to ask the universe what they should do. They served cacao and offered crystals to the jaguar god, Balam.

After many hours of repeating their mantra HOP HOP HOP, out of the smoke and prisms created by the fire, a jaguar’s paw appeared through a portal beckoning them to come through. One by one they entered the portal attracted to its luminescent and colorful light.


As they slowly came out one by one, they discovered a mystical and trippy jungle with a purple sky with spiral clouds, gigantic mushrooms, bright and colorful treehouses, singing plants and floating mystical eyes.

The panthers had no idea how to react to this new land, it was like nothing they had ever experienced. As they explored their new surroundings, they found a beautiful compound with an empty villa that seemed made for their love of color, design and style but with so many mysteries still waiting to be discovered. They soon found a clue that helped them understand the villa was made for them, gold coins of their jaguar god were scattered throughout the compound and a pond filled with goldfish that were able to communicate with them telepathically.

The goldfish let them know they were safe and that in this new land, they would thrive and create a new life, but that they needed to reconnect with their true essence and dedicate their new lives to being guardians of nature, starting with endangered jaguars from their old world. The panthers would have to discover their new land and mine for valuable Balan Coins to help their not so distant cousins. They would be faced with many challenges in this new land and puzzles to unravel, which would reward them with more gold coins that would be used to help care for and protect Jaguars in Mexico, through their partner Orgfas. 

Through a play to earn game, they enlist the help of their community, the holders to continue to help the jaguars and also give back to the holders with $BALAM