One day long, long ago, a gang of 8,888 Panthers lived in the jungle. They were wild, free and living their best lives. The jungle provided them with an abundance of “red coins” they used to lavish on their magical land.

Foreigners soon discovered the panthers and their magical place. They were welcomed into their homes with generosity and kindness by the Panther gang. But the foreigners came with nefarious intent and soon ran the panthers out of their own jungle.

The panthers escaped to a snowy mountain where they built their new mansion: House of Panther.

The panthers know what it´s like to have their home invaded and are dedicated to the preservation of the homes and well-being of other animals like them.

House of Panther is dedicating 30% of its mint revenues to the conservation of the Mexican Jaguar in Quintana Roo. Panthers and jaguars are feline cousins so it makes sense that they would help eachother.

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